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I frequently get into the situation of having files locked (in Windows mostly) when I am doing development.  I bet that has happened to everyone at one time or another and it can be a pain since Windows does not offer a quick method to simply unlock the file(s) in question from Explorer (how shortsighted is that?  I wonder if Win7 is going to have that feature?).

Anyway, I discovered the freeware Unlocker by Cedrick ‘NITCH’ Collomb one day and have been using it every since.  Simply right click on the Folder or File(s) in question and click on the Unlocker shell extension and you will have a list of programs that are locking what you selected – nice and easy.

Here are a couple of screen shots linked to the author’s website:

I am not saying that this is the ONLY unlocker out there it is simply the one I use and have grown accustomed to.  I like simple tools that don’t try to solver every problem under the sun (a few of those all in one system clean, defrag, antivirus, firewall, monolithic ‘suites’ come to mind) and this one solves that one problem I have when files get locked.  The rest of the time it stays out of the way.

Anyway, that’s it for this quick review.  Check out the following links for a few other Unlocker’s I found on the internet:

I am sure there are others (probably a lot!) but these are a few that floated to the top.  Use at your own risk since you are messing with the file system.