I don’t know about you but I do a lot of UI development both for the web and for the desktop.  I often run into the issue of screen size and proportion.  By this I mean that I like my screens to size correctly as well as have a proportionate look to them.  For instance if I am creating a web page I like to have the content fit within designated areas, if I am doing image maps I like to be able to break up my images in a logical manner and not just into equal sizes.

So, one day I am looking for an on screen ruler and I ran across Atrise Golden Section and that was the end of my search for an on screen ruler.  I was able to overlay a configurable grid onto anything I was working on for web or desktop!  How cool is that!  Well, I think it’s kind of a cool tool to have in the arsenal for those times when I absolutely need a grid to help with sizing and UI component proportions.

Here’s a screen shot I linked to from their website which shows Atrise Golden Section over an image in Photoshop (click here for more screen shots):

Now I realize that given tools like Visual Studio .Net with it’s UI alignment mode that a grid like Atrise is probably not as useful as it might be with a program like the old Visual Basic 6.x or the old Visual C++ but it has saved me a great deal of time in the past.  Hey, you can even use it as a stock ticker display!

Hope you take a few minutes to check this cool little niche tool out.