For those who are working with GPS or interested in it this is a quick post to hopefully draw some attention to this cool online tool.   Home Page

Background:  I have been working on a GPS application that would allow the users to pick their work stops from an uploaded list of waypoints to the GPS device.  So, given that I have been building the database and filling it with a minimal set of test data to start running LINQ queries against.  Then I ran into a problem:  I had the address for all of the test waypoints (real addresses) but I did not have the GPS coordinates.

Enter GPS Visualizer!  I was able to enter either a single street address and have it plot the point on a map AND give me the coordinates that I needed.  So I ran a single address from the ‘Geocode a single address‘ link with the following result (see red arrows for points of interest):


Very cool! I had my GPS coordinates!

Next I ran all the rest of my addresses from the ‘Geocode multiple addresses‘ link with the following results (see red arrows for points of interest):


Also very cool!

This is not the only tool online or offline to perform this kind of service but one of my main goals when developing is to save time by not repeating what others have done AND keep things simple.  The online tool kept things simple, did what was needed, and left me more time to focus on the other tasks.

I also did not explore a great deal of the site so there are other features not discussed here – I encourage you to do so.

Finally, given that I was so pleased to get my locations (sounds inane I know..) I decided to buy something off the developer’s Amazon wishlist.  Here is the link to the main page with a link to Amazon on the right…

All in all a very cool tool!

Update:  The owner/developer of the site says:  “the only thing I’d say is that the geocoder is a very very small part of GPS Visualizer…”